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Project: Indo-US Cancer Collaboratory: A VIVO Pilot

Project Poster was presented at the Second Annual VIVO 2011 Conference Poster on Global Vivo For International Cancer Research Poster, Washington DC August 24-26 2011


International  cancer researchers face a barrier of geography that impedes their ability to discover potential collaborators across the world on the basis of specific areas of research and research interests, let alone connect to them. This is equally true in North America, though the recent emergence of social networking tools and frameworks for scientists such as VIVO, BiomedExperts and ResearchGate has improved the odds of discovering and collaborating with other researchers. This poster will describe a recent project facilitated by the Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL) that brought together resources in a lab in Bethesda, MD, bioinformatics capabilities at India’s Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) and data from a researcher at the Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai, India. The rather laborious process that took place without the benefit of any cyber-connectivity will be described and then mapped to VIVO’s capabilities as currently available to demonstrate the tremendous potential of this informatics tool to reduce the time and labor for the initiation and maintenance of an international cancer research collaboration.

Anil Srivastava (, Hemant Darbari Ph.D (, Rajendra A. Badwe MD3, Paul Courtney4, Ajai Kumar2, Nagi B Kumar Ph.D5, H. Kim Lyerly, MD6, Swati Mehta2, and Rubayi Srivastava1

1Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL), 2Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), 3Tata Memorial Hospital, 4SAIC-Frederick, Inc., NCI-Frederick, 5Population Sciences Division, Moffitt Cancer Center, 6Duke Medicine